~ Specialist Blast Cleaning Services ~

Based in South Somerset, operating throughout UK!

Steam blasting Grime Removal

Paint and graffiti removal

Fire damage restoration

We use specialist steam blasting plant equipment to bring your stone or brickwork back to life! Using super heated water, 150°C temperatures can be achieved killing algae/fungi without the use of chemicals.

Using superheated water is a fantastic option to preserve your stone or brickwork when removing paint. Internal damp can be caused by paint, so a great way to let your walls breathe or in preparation for new paint or render.

We specialise in carbon removal caused by fire damage to brick and stone works. An excellent alternative to dry sand blasting to try and best preserve the underlying stone or brick in this process.

Steam cleaning patio
Shotblasting doors

Steam Cleaning - Grime and Algae removal

We use ££££'s worth of specialist steam blasting equipment to get you fantastic deep cleaned results no other methods will touch! Our equipment is far more effective and much quicker than high street branded power washing equipment which only uses cold water and a small nozzle (slow results) !! We heat up to 150 degrees for amazing steam cleaning results cutting through grime and paint.

Low pressure and high heat for gently cleaning mediums that sandblasting is potentially too 'harsh' for.

Mobile Sand blasting / Blast cleaning

Mobile shot blasting - The fast way to deep clean and remove years of paint/grime or anything else!


Rust and modern paint removal/cleaning -

Internal wood beams,




steel beams,



 Save yourself a LOT of time sanding or attempting to restore when we can do it for you fast and effectively!

We can spray paint also after blasting steel, etc

Apex Stone Restorations are a specialist blast cleaning service based in Yeovil in South Somerset, UK. We operate mobile services and often work in the areas of Bristol, Poole, Bournemouth, London, Cornwall and more. All locations and countries can be considered - so please don't hesitate to ask if we can help you with your project.

We are a trained team of operatives and have a combined 12 years shot blasting and DOFF/Thermatech super heated water blast cleaning experience and can consider anything from patios to cathedrals! We specialise in domestic and commercial insurance restoration to heritage and listed buildings as well as domestic services such as driveways and pavement cleaning services. We have experience in shot blasting/blast cleaning cars/helicopters/boats to add to the resume. All work in the blast cleaning sector can be considered.

Our plant equipment is perfect for listed and heritage registered buildings as we use a low pressure and high temperature system that is gentle on stone and brick yet powerful to remove most mediums from algae and grime to paintwork and render.



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~ Specialist Blast Cleaning Services ~

  •  Stone work         

  • Algae removal           

  • Monuments         

  • Brick work

  • Wooden decking      

  • Wood works

  • Grime removal      

  • Concrete work      

  • Roof tiles

  • Chimneys

  • Bridges

  • Patios      

  • Swimming pools     

  • Grafitti removal      

  • and everything in between!

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